We offer advice and guidance
for selecting the best
assisted living, nursing home, or nursing care departments
Benefits of our service:
·       Providing all kinds of solutions including independent living, nursing homes and nursing care.
·        Counseling and guidance in finding the nursing homes best-suited for our customer’s needs: either private or through the Israeli Ministry of Health.
·        Personal matching of the best luxury assisted-living solutions.
·        Training and assistance in obtaining government-funding.
·        Providing an immediate response to urgent cases.
·        Service available throughout Israel.
·        Extensive professional experience.
·        Consultation by skilled workers in diagnosing the customer’s health needs and functional status.
·        Working with the best nursing homes and assisted living chains in Israel.
·        Reliable, discreet and dedicated to complete satisfaction.
We give personal service to everyone that contacts us, and together build quality of life.

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